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Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Vernon Hills

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Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Vernon Hills

If you are a fan of lifted trucks, then please take a look at our lineup of Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Vernon Hills. On top of having some powerful heavyweights that are a suitable partner for tough work environments, we have models which are feature-rich in terms of luxury, which makes them great vehicles for off-roading in comfort.

Luxurious Features of Used Nissan Trucks for Sale

One model which stands out when we look at our Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Vernon Hills is the Nissan Titan. With a powerful engine under the hood, this truck has enough power to handle the tough work that other vehicles can’t. On top of that, select models on our lot come with some great luxury features, such as a convenient navigation system to help when you are in an unfamiliar area. Another great feature it may come with is a climate control system, which is crucial when the weather is not on your side. Since some models have an extended cab, climate control is crucial if you have to drive your crew around.

Another great choice when it comes to our Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Vernon Hills is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. With 4WD, this lifted road warrior is able to tackle jobs some of the toughest jobs. On top of having great power and endurance, select models come with front tow hooks and a trailer hitch receiver which equips this vehicle to handle pretty much anything.

Powerful Used Lifted Ford Trucks in Vernon Hills

You may want to consider the Ford F-150. What you may find under the hood of a Ford F-150 on our lot is a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost 3.5L engine, which is not only an impressive engine because of its power, but because it is one of the most fuel economic engines in its class. If you are in search of a truck that can handle its business but does so while saving you money on gas, then the F-150 is a truck you should look at.

The best way to figure out which lifted truck is right for you would be with a test drive. There is nothing like having all the features right at your fingertips as you cruise down the road. We would be happy to help you pick out the right model, and set you up for a test drive once you are ready. To get started, all you need to do is call our front desk at 800-654-0443.

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